Improvements in disc brakes


1,027,686. Disc brakes. GIRLING Ltd. March 29, 1963 [April 3, 1962], No. 12673/62. Heading F2E. In a spot-type disc brake for vehicles the disc comprises a ring 10 carried by individual radial spokes 11 secured to a rotatable member, and the spoke gaps enable pad insertion and removal therethrough. As shown, the spokes comprise castings, forgings, or sheet metal pressings each having an inner portion 13 forming part of an annulus for bolting to a wheel hub flange, a parallel sided radial spoke portion 12, and an outer axially extending flange portion the free end of which is outwardly cranked to provide a lip on which a ring 10 is secured, preferably by casting. The lip 15 is preferably formed with dovetail lugs 16 for keying with the ring metal. Each portion 13 has a bolt hole 21 and, for disc location, a pierced out tongue 22. The radial portion 12 preferably has a radial stiffening rib 17 pressed therein, and the portions 12, 14 have oppositely inclined cranked edges 18, 19 for stiffening and for circulation of disc cooling air. The pressings are assembled in a jig during casting of the ring. As shown, the ring 10 extends inwardly for its opposite faces to be engaged by friction pads mounted in a caliper straddling the inner edge of the ring. Alternatively, the ring may extend outwardly, the caliper straddling its outer edge, or may be carried by the inner ends of spokes secured at their outer ends to a wheel rim or housing.




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