Multifunction vegetables basket for cutting

다기능 야채 절단용 바구니

  • Inventors: YANG HENG DE
  • Assignees: 흥-대 양
  • Publication Date: September 26, 2013
  • Publication Number: KR-101311770-B1


본 발명의 다기능 야채 절단용 바구니는 도마판(60), 물빼는 바구니(61), 치물바구니(62), 지지프레임(62) 및 마개(64)를 갖추고 있다. 치물바구니(62)는 수납공간(620)의 양측에 도마판(60)을 닿게 접촉하는 철연(621)이 설치되고 철연(621)의 상방의 치물바구니(62)의 내측면에는 복수(復數)의 뱀부(622)가 설치된다. 치물바구니(62)의 저부에는 배수공(624)이 설치된다. 배수공(624)은 마개(64)에 의해 막힌다. 치물바구니(62)의 외둘레 양측에는 지지프레임(63)을 삽설(揷設)시키는 트랙구(625)가 각각 설치되고, 외둘레 양단에 걸림공(623)이 각 각 설치된다.
PURPOSE: A multifunctional basket for cutting vegetables is provided to clean a cutting board and a cooking board by processing food materials on the cutting board and putting the necessary food materials and waste into a water draining basket and a basket of the basket for cutting vegetables. CONSTITUTION: A multifunctional basket for cutting vegetables comprises a cutting board (60), a water draining basket (61), a basket (62), a support frame (63), and a stopper (64). The basket is equipped with an iron ream (621) touching the cutting board at both sides of a storing space (620) and a plurality of bamboo units (622) is installed in the inner surface of the basket of the upper part of the iron ream. A drain hole (624) is installed in the lower part of the basket. The drain hole is blocked by the stopper. A track unit (625) inserting the support frame is installed at both sides of the outer circumference of the basket and a latching hole (623) is installed at both ends of the outer circumference.




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